National Lottery Reveals the Most Popular Numbers



In 2004, a popular TV show released a set of numbers and claimed they were the most likely to win in any lottery. Thanks to that show, hundreds of people still use a combination of the numbers to date. However, that is likely to change as the National Lottery has released the most popular lottery numbers, according to statistics that they have collected for several years.

National Lottery Reveals the Most Popular Numbers

According to the National Lottery, most lottery punters usually pick combinations that include multiples of seven, which are 42, 35, 28, 21, 14, and 7. Part of the explanation is that the number seven is thought to be a lucky number in most cultures. However, despite multiples of seven being popular, they are rarely drawn together in a single draw. Having these numbers is likely to land a player a lower prize amount and not the lottery jackpot.

Other Lucky Numbers

The National Lottery report also indicates that multiples of five are also commonly picked by most players and are the second most popular number sequence. An interesting part of the report was what number sequence comes in at number three in popularity based on a popular TV show called Lost.

The series, Lost, is based on a group of people involved in a plane crash and stranded on an island. One of the victims had won the lottery before the plane crash, using the lucky numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. Many online lottery players have been using the same number sequence, making it the third most popular number sequence in the history of lotteries.

Other combinations are multiples of nine and ten and one to six. 7, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57 is another notable combination, dubbed as 'All 7s.'

The National Lottery shared this information right before the 20 million Euro draw, which is a must-win jackpot.

The National Lottery Opinions

The senior winners' advisor, Carter Andy Camelot, considered the popular lucky numbers a secret that the organization had debated over for a long time before deciding to release. His main concern was that releasing the information would increase the number of punters who chose the number sequences. If any of the sequences featured in the outcome of a draw, there would be too many jackpot winners sharing the prize that the amount each would receive would not be much.

On the other hand, the release of popular numbers and number sequences does not affect the draws. Furthermore, punters still have the option of choosing other number sequences as any number sequence can potentially win the jackpot. That reasoning made the lottery organization decide to share the information with the public.

Popular Punter’s Opinions

Many punters who play the lottery have shared their opinions on the reports issued by the National Lottery. The opinions indicate mixed feelings among the punters. Some of them are quite unhappy that the information has been shared publicly. That is mainly because they feel like they had a secret of the luckiest number combinations they relied on, which has now been exposed to the entire world. However, they have no basis as the number combinations have never appeared in any National Lottery draw, and there is no guarantee that they will appear.

Other punters think that it was a great decision to disclose the information. That is because it provides punters with information regarding which numbers are considered lucky or information on number sequences to avoid if they do not want to share the jackpot with many other punters in case they win.

All in all, these numbers or sequences are to be used as guideposts and should not be mistaken to be the keys to unlocking lottery wins.

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