Best Lotto Max Lottery in 2023

One of the most popular online lottery schemes in Canada is Lotto Max, which is managed by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. There are two Lotto Max drawings every week: Tuesdays and Fridays. Some interested players may not know how to buy a Lotto Max lottery ticket online. Others seek to understand the basic rules of the game, odds of winning, and expert suggestions. This post addresses these concerns in the right way.

Being a national lottery, Lotto Max is played across all Canadian regions. Every province has a unique computer system; thus, online ticket distributors only verify tickets that have been bought in their regions. Those who wish to play Lotto Max online should purchase tickets from authorized sites only. In most cases, they need to create an account with their chosen platform.

Best Lotto Max Lottery in 2023
Where to Buy Tickets for Lotto Max
Where to Buy Tickets for Lotto Max

Where to Buy Tickets for Lotto Max

From there, purchasing a lottery ticket online is straightforward. Most of the dealers selling Lotto Maxtickets online also have other games on their web pages. So, when a customer logs in, they need to specify the type of lottery they want to participate in. After clicking the “Buy Ticket’ button, they have to choose their lucky numbers which are automatically generated.

It is imperative to review the details, e.g., the number of plays before checking out with a suitable payment method. Adding a Multi-Draw is an added advantage. Subscribing to newsletters is highly recommended to avoid missing a draw.

Where to Buy Tickets for Lotto Max
History of Lotto Max

History of Lotto Max

Lotto Max, which took over from its predecessor Lotto Super 7, was launched on September 19, 2009. The game was drawn for the first time on September 25, 2009, with a jackpot capped at 50 million CAD. Having been well-received throughout Canada, Lotto Max revenues from the first ten months were higher than those of Super 7 in its best-selling year.

The total prize pools, which are close to the biggest US jackpots, were the reason behind the instant success of this game. Moreover, the MaxMillion feature is believed to boost the player’s chance of winning a bigger prize.

By July 2015, the main jackpot had reached C$60 million. The following year, major changes were introduced by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation but they took effect on the 2019 draw which took place on May 14. On June 8, 2018, the drawing recorded a total of 50 MaxMillion prizes but it was outpaced by the October draw that happened in the same year. October 26 drawings amounted to a whopping C$115 million for the 55 MaxMillions. The winner of that draw came from Edmonton

History of Lotto Max
How to Play Lotto Max Online

How to Play Lotto Max Online

A lottery ticket gives a player the right to participate in Lotto Max. A single ticket costs C$5 and comes with two extra quick picks. There are 50 numbers available, and participants need to choose seven of them. The player can either select their initial set of seven numbers or a Quick Pick for a random choice of 3 sets. Every ticket offers a maximum of five plays or 15 selections. With an extra C$1, one can have four numbers automatically selected and have a chance to win half a million.

The main draw attracts a jackpot prize of at least C$10 million and a maximum of C$70 million. If the prize reaches C$50 million, more drawings are conducted for the MaxMillions auxiliary prizes, each standing at C$1M. The MaxMillions continue to accumulate until a winner is found.

Each week, there will be additional prizes if no jackpot amounting to C$50 million or more has been claimed. In case someone wins the main jackpot, the unclaimed MaxMillions prize is added to the jackpot. A lump sum of money is paid to the winners tax-free.

To claim the prize of an online lottery ticket bought elsewhere, the player should return to where they initially got the ticket and mail it to the respective return address. It is advisable to print the legal name and the return address and attach them to the claim form. This ensures that no other person claims the winnings in case the ticket gets lost.

How to Play Lotto Max Online
What are the Odds to Win Lotto Max?

What are the Odds to Win Lotto Max?

The mention of a gambling problem may conjure up thoughts of a gambler emptying their bank accounts and savings to play Lotto Max online. But truth be told- playing an online lottery is a form of gambling. However, there’s no harm in grabbing some tickets for fun and a chance to win more money.

The number of Canadians who participate in Lotto Max and win a jackpot every year is extremely low compared to those who lose. Considering that the actual odds are small, players should plan their betting budget based on the probability of winning to avoid overspending.

Lotto Max may have a slim chance of winning, but is the cost worth the potential prize? Taking a look at the odds of winning for different matches, here are the figures.

Price Ticket of C$5 in Three Selections

  • Main Jackpot: 33,294,800
  • MaxMillions 7/7: 33,294,800
  • 6/7+ Bonus number: 4,756,400
  • 6/7: 113,248
  • 5/7+Bonus number: 37,749
  • 5/7: 1,841
  • 4/7+Bonus number: 1,105
  • 4/7: 82.9
  • 3/7+Bonus number: 82.9
  • 3/7 ($5 Free Play): 8.5
  • Any prize: 7

For MaxMillions, unless the player matches 7/7 numbers, they cannot win a secondary prize. If there is no winning ticket, the main jackpot will be carried forward to the subsequent drawing. In the case of multiple winning selections, the overall prize is shared accordingly. It should be noted that the 4/7, 3/7, and 3/7+Bonus are part of the Prize Fund while the rest are paid from the Pool’s Fund.

Price Ticket of C$1 in Four Selections

The Extra ticket, which costs an additional C$1 pays as follows.

  • 1/4: 6.8
  • 2/4: 141
  • 3/4: 9,906
  • 4/4: 3,764,376

The top prize for Extra is C$500,000. Every winner gets the full amount even in the event of multiple winning numbers.

What are the Odds to Win Lotto Max?
Tips and tricks to Play Lotto Max

Tips and tricks to Play Lotto Max

The success of an online lottery ticket is not all about luck. History shows that players who have mastered the right strategies have a better chance of winning the Lotto Max jackpot. There have been cases of people taking home major prizes multiple times. Certain techniques are crucial if a player wants to increase their odds of winning.

  1. Avoiding bets on patterns and multiples
  2. Selecting numbers with a sum of 141 and 240
  3. No wagering on 7 consecutive numbers
  4. Playing only one number from the previous draw
  5. Combining 3/4 or 4/3 odd to even numbers

Generally, it is advisable to buy more Lotto Maxtickets online while taking into consideration one’s financial capability. The reason why consecutive numbers are discouraged is that most winning numbers (about 70%) make up a total ranging from 104 to 176. Similarly, numbers in the same number groups or with similar last digits are not a good choice.

It is worth noting that each online lottery ticket carries an equal probability of winning. While no known application can predict the exact winner, it is better to play with the most unique and uncommon numbers.

Tips and tricks to Play Lotto Max