About LottoRanker

Welcome to LottoRanker!

If you wonder what we do here at LottoRanker, you are in the right place. With years of experience in the gambling and gaming industry, we review and rate online lottery websites according to their safety, available payment options, customer service, variety of lotteries they offer and the overall customer experience at their website. We are aware it is not easy to find a reliable and safe lottery service. It is a huge industry all around the world. Legalizations for lotteries are different in every countries, so finding the best lottery for your needs is not an easy thing to do.

But what exactly is LottoRanker and what is it we are doing here? We help you to find the most suitable lottery provider for all of your needs. We list licenced, safe, reliable lotto provider websites that you can freely choose from.

How Lotteries Are Ranked

We truly care about safety and playing in an environment that is always reliable and comfortable. That's why one of the most important criteria is that the lottery must be licenced, legal and most of all: safe to play on.

There are other parameters that we are looking for in an online lottery website, for example the available payment methods. Players from different countries have different preferencies and available deposit methods, so it's always a plus if the lottery offers a variety of options to deposit money for playing.

Another important factor is the number of lottery games. It is always nice to have the opportunity to choose from different types of lotteries - especially that most of the countries offer their own national lottery games. These games must be safe to play and the provider must support the winners to withdraw their prize.

Design, customer service and the overall experience on the lottery's webpage are also something that are important factors when we rank lotteries. It should be easy to find games, deposit money and withdraw prizes for every players.